All-Star DJ's and Artists

All-Star DJ's and Artists

All-Star DJ's & Artists 

Some of the best and talented DJs and Artists are working together for one cause-to serve others in need. All of the Beats 4 Hope talent is a labor of love and passion to make a difference. Our music family wants to support the community, foster unity, and make you feel good at the same time. Their reward is bringing people together to make a difference as one voice.  

Special Shout out to: 
Fred-Wreck, Slammin Sam, Ball-D, Olskool DJ, Bumpn' Beto, Chuy Gomez, DJ Mind Motion, DJ Billy Vidal, Dj Makaio & Susy C, Dj Riktor, Dj Jazzy Jim, Dj Lazy Boy, Dj Zhaldee, Dj Jose Melendez, Dj Pam the Funkstress, Dj Alex Mejia, Mr Davey D, The Conga King, Dj Latin Prince, Dj Dave Paul, DJ Dave Stebbins, DJ Taz, DJ Joey Churchward, DJ Audio1, Trueskool, DJ Chris Leo, DJ Livv, DJ 360, PB Butta, DJ JayBryd, The Planteers, Producer Clayton Williams, Artists Dwyane Wiggins, Carla 'CMG' Green, Aki Starr, Shirlee Temper, Jonn Hart and Jenn Morel and Performance Artist Yvette LaForce. Special thank you to Pete Escovedo and orchestra, Lisa of Lisa and the Cult Jam, The Stone City Band aka Bad Boys of Funk and FLO - Funky Latin Orchestra



Human, All-Star DJ's and Artists

Purple Pam The Funkstress 1967-2017

The Funkstress, also known as Purple Pam, was a pioneering female DJ from The Bay who has been embraced by the Hip-Hop community for over a decade. In addition to being a club DJ, she was also a performing artist and worked with SF Radio KBLX and Prince. Her talent and contributions have been recognized by numerous music publications, including Rolling Stone Magazine, 4080, Rap Pages, Ms. Fader, and Wired. The legacy of Pam The Funkstress will continue to live on through The Purple Pam Foundation, which was established to fulfill her desire to support youth, female DJs, and entrepreneurs. She will always hold a special place in our hearts, and her impact will inspire future generations. We love you, Pam.