Person - DJ Zhaldee

DJ Zhaldee is a modern-day renaissance man-a world-class DJ, Master Chef, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. His extensive experience, creativity, and passion to bring the experience makes DJ Zhaldee a highly sought-after DJ and Chef. He is the founder of Zhaldee's Eats & Beats-a one-stop shop for all of your event needs.

Zhaldee has introduced the world to cooking Filipino Cuisine. Zhaldee’s Eats & Beats does local catering, meal prep, and special cooking pop-ups. Meals he prepares on his show are elegantly packaged and donated to All Good Living Foundation. Purchases made from DJ Zhaldee’s Collection not only support the Legend, but he donates back to the Beats 4 Hope Mission. Make sure you follow DJ Zhaldee on IG, Twitter, FB and Twitch.